27 Jan 2023 [culture]

Monero Magazine podcast publishes new 'privacy masterclass' episode featuring Luke Smith

In this Monero Magazine1 episode2, host Michael Fitzgerald3 discusses Monero, privacy and privacy tools with return guest Luke Smith4:

[..] [Monero] it’s the best of basically every world in crypto: it’s private, it has low transaction fees, it is ASIC-resistant to some degree [..] there’s a constellation of different things that make Monero kind of above the others .. (Luke @ 14:13)

Several other topics are covered in this interview, including: BTC/LN/CoinJoin vs XMR, Linux distros, Monero adoption, and decentralized consensus mechanisms.

Luke Smith was previously5 interviewed by Monero Magazine two weeks ago on globalism, dystopia and crypto.