9 Jun 2022 [mining]

Monero enters tail emission era

Monero has entered its tail emission1 era today2, at 2022-06-09 00:28:57 (UTC), after block 26416233 was mined:

Current block reward is 0.6 XMR 
375.599904310974 XMR tail-mined so far 
Current annual inflation rate is 0.87019213%

The community is celebrating the historic moment everywhere:

It’s finally here! The Monero #TailEmission starts today! (@Monero)4

[block 2641623] live long and prosper xmr (zont)5

Today we depart the path of Bitcoin in a new and significant way (garth)6

This is an historic moment for Monero and Crypto in general! (MoneroTalk)7

Tail emission watching page is updated! (sech1)8

Some day I will tell my grand children’s that I was there (CarlitosSaganTime)9

From now on, miner block rewards should be fixed at 0.6 XMR per block, forever.

To learn more about the importance of Monero’s tail emission and how it compares to other projects, consult the available reading materials110111213.

Thanks to gnuteardrops14 from monero.graphics for crafting the amazing sticker design.

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