30 Nov 2021 | Updated 1 Dec 2021 [culture]

Monero celebrates 2 years of RandomX today

Monero is celebrating 2 years of RandomX1 today. On 30 November 2019 the legendary network upgrade that replaced CryptoNight2 with the new PoW algorithm was completed with the release of Monero Carbon Chamaeleon3:

The scheduled network upgrade introduces a few major changes. First and foremost, a new long-term Proof-of-Work algorithm, namely RandomX, will be introduced.4

You can find out more about the story of RandomX on the Monero Outreach5 website and by reading Gingeropolous6’s article7.

rottenwheel8 took the time to wish the Monero community a happy birthday:

Happy birthday, RandomX! Happy birthday, Monero! Happy birthday, XMR enthusiasts!9

May RandomX continue to render ASICs useless forevermore.

Update: added link to article by Gingeropolous7.

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