6 Oct 2021 | Updated 23 Dec 2021 [CCS]

Litesh Gumber submits CCS proposal to create a video for Monero Anthem song

Litesh Gumber1 has submitted a CCS proposal2 to create a video for the already released Monero Anthem3 song:

We are looking to create a video for the already released audio of the Monero Brand anthem. The video will be created in 4k quality. You can refer to the example of our work from the following Polygon.

Cryptic Entertainments past work include a Polygon video4 and a trailer for the upcoming #INDIAWANTSCRYPTO documentary5:

After the video for Monero, we are looking to create a documentary for Monero. It will cover the entire journey of the project along with the impact it created on the world.

Total funding needed: 20 XMR.


Consult MR !2593 to see the lyrics of the song, the team behind the project and their video equipment.

Update: proposal was closed (not merged)6.

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