11 Sep 2021 [services]

Monerado XMR mining pool stats app v1.0.0 released

Monerado v1.0.0 (Mambrino’s Helmet)1 is the first major release of the open-source Monero mining pool stats app, an alternative to Minerbox & CheckPool.

Currently only two pools are supported: Monero Ocean2 & C3Pool3.

The Monerado4 app is part of the SIEVE5 project, a donation only enterprise.

  1. https://github.com/protomens/Monerado/releases/tag/v1.0.0 

  2. https://moneroocean.stream/ 

  3. https://github.com/C3Pool 

  4. https://eratosthen.es/monerado 

  5. https://www.eratosthen.es/