1 Nov 2022 | Updated 28 Nov 2022 [services]

Mochi101-Official closes down Monero.win gambling website

Mochi101-Official1 has decided2 to close down the Monero.win3 gambling website and move on to other things:

Monero.win has been putting the fun in fungible since 2017 [..] My vision for the site was to create an on-chain game that required no complicated process to verify that the game was being fair to the player.

Players were able to win XMR by guessing the last digit of the next Monero block hash. Archived versions of the website are still accessible on the Wayback Machine4.

The project is currently available for sale (domain name, code, support - 140 XMR). Contact the dev on IRC/Libera in the #monero-pools channel for more information.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: Monero.win back online, website was purchased by WildAndFreeXMR5.

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