8 Oct 2021 [dev]

mjxmr submits his September 2021 Monero dev report

Monero contributor mjxmr1 has submitted his September 2021 dev report2 for community review:

I’m writing with a bit of delay, since I didn’t have enough time for Monero in the 2nd half of September.

I have done the usual CI fixes and a few minor reviews, but I believe, that the highlight of the month would be my updated health page, published under http://cryptog.hopto.org/monero/health.

mjxmr’s CCS-related work on Monero should resume in December:

I thank everybody for your feedback, cooperation and funding. As stated initially, I had to prolong the work period, because of some real life issues. They’re all only halfway done, so I will need to make a break in this month and November, and really hope to restart working in full steam, starting from December.

Until then, I will perform my duties of maintaining my branches, replying to my reviewers and continuously generating my health reports.

His part time coding on Monero Core3 was funded by the Monero community with the support of the General Fund4, via a CCS proposal5 for Q3 2021 (3 months) and it involves CI fixes, PR reviews and extending his Monero health report6.

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