15 Feb 2022 [mining]

MineXMR hashrate drops from 50% to 38% after Monero community decentralization efforts

Top1 Monero mining pool, MineXMR2, saw its hashrate drop from 50% to 38% (~1.62 Gh/s to ~1.24 Gh/s)3 after the Monero community united in an effort4 to strengthen the network and keep it decentralized.

xnbya5, MineXMR’s admin, is planning to cooperate by bumping the pool fee from 1% to 1.1% (+10%) starting April 1st 2022:

We understand that people are concerned with the large hashrate that minexmr currently has. We have announced an increase to the pool fees and continue to monitor the situation.6

Planned changes to Pool Fee: The pool fee will increase from 1% to 1.1% on April 1

However, the community is not convinced78 when it comes to the efficiency of the proposed increase percentage and its timeline.

There is no evidence91011 that the Monero network is currently under attack, but the threat is definitely not imaginary.

Miners are invited to join the effort and use P2Pool12 instead of MineXMR and other top centralized pools.

Consult my previous reports131415 for demos and guides if you need help getting started with P2Pool.

For more information, read dEBRUYNE_116’s excellent post4 and submit your comment in that thread.

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