3 Feb 2022 [services]

MAGIC Monero Fund shares summary of its first advisory committee meeting

MAGIC Grants1’s Monero Fund23 has shared a summary45 of its first advisory committee meeting from January 23rd 2022:

Justin, John, Rucknium, Kayaba, CB

19:00 Congratulations

03 Introductions by Justin, started 2016 by Sarang Noether, [..]

John two years, early 2020, 501c3 exemption start of 2020

05 CB Brainstorm ideas on fundraising

06 Justin Our fund, we can do what we want, trusted by the XMR community

07 Deverick joins

08 Agenda from Justin appears on screen [..]

09 Justin’s history with the XMR StackExchange and a Monero foundation


Consult my previous reports67 to learn more about MAGIC.

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