12 Jul 2022 [culture]

MAGIC Grants introduces new 'Memberships' program

MAGIC Grants1 has announced a new MAGIC Memberships2 program, which comes with special perks and recognition for users who donate to MAGIC Grants or to any MAGIC Fund of their choice, including the MAGIC Monero Fund3:

Get a special membership flair in r/Monero by donating to the MAGIC Monero Fund: Introducing MAGIC Memberships! (SamsungGalaxyPlayer)4

To become MAGIC Grants members, users are required to submit a Budibase5 form6 and make a tax deductible donation of $50 USD or more via card (monthly) or $600 USD or more via crypto or card (anually).

Read the full announcement2 to learn more about member benefits and apply for membership.

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