17 Mar 2024 [wallets]

m2049r releases Monerujo v3.3.11 'Argentina'

m2049r1 has released Monerujo2 version 3.3.11 Argentina3, which upgrades to Monero Core and introduces a Hebrew translation and other fixes.

Changes since 3.3.10

Upgrade to Monero Core v0.18.3.3
Fix TalkBack Screen reader
Fixed some translations
Hebrew Translation
Fixed Docker Builds
Added ds-jetzt node
Upgrade dnsjava [..]


Before usage, it is recommended to back up your seed and verify that you have downloaded the correct file using the SHA256 hashes listed on Github3.

If you need help, consult the Monerujo Quickstart Guides4 and post your question on the Monerujo subreddit5.

To support the project, visit Monerujo’s Main Donation Fund page6.

  1. https://github.com/m2049r 

  2. https://monerujo.io/ 

  3. https://github.com/m2049r/xmrwallet/releases/tag/v3.3.11, https://f-droid.monerujo.io/fdroid/repo/ (F-droid)  2

  4. https://www.monerujo.io/resources/monerujo_quickstart.html 

  5. https://safereddit.com/r/Monerujo/ 

  6. https://funding.monerujo.app/