30 Apr 2022 [guides]

Luigi Tech shares Monero full node via Tor and Docker Compose video tutorial

Luigi Tech1 has shared a video tutorial2 in which he demonstrates how to run a full Monero node via Tor using Docker Compose3:

In this video we’ll see how to use the Monero binaries with Docker Compose. [..] we need an SSD disk of at least 1 GB and a server [..]

The docker-compose.yml file is available on Odysee4.

Note: always review contents of files before usage.

  1. https://odysee.com/@Luigi-Tech 

  2. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=OviYhLZ02qg 

  3. https://docs.docker.com/compose/ 

  4. https://odysee.com/@Luigi-Tech/monero-tor