7 Nov 2023 [CCS]

Lovera submits October 2023 CCS progress report

Lovera1 has submitted a monthly progress report (October 2023)2 for his recent CCS proposal3 to produce educational content about Monero in Spanish:

Im working hard to spread all this content to spanish community. I really don’t know if there is money to pay xD. But I’ll keep working for the next few months until a solution is found.

Work overview

4 x weekly LoveraTV Monero news videos
4 x Weekly LoveraXMR shorts
2 x Q&A shorts
1 x LoveraXMR tutorial
1 x Satoshilov guide
TikTok/Instagram news

To learn more about Lovera’s work, visit the LoveraTV4 & LoveraXMR5 video channels and the satishilov.com6 Monero blog.