3 Jan 2024 [CCS]

Lovera submits November 2023 CCS progress report

Lovera1 has submitted a monthly progress report (November 2023)2 for his recent CCS proposal3 to produce educational content about Monero in Spanish:

I thought I had published the November report but I see that I have not. [..] Additionally I would like to comment that the month of December has been quite complicated for me, so part of the work could not be completed, that is why in addition to what was done in December I will add an extra month without any kind of remuneration for it.

Work overview

3 x weekly LoveraTV Monero news videos
4 x Weekly LoveraXMR shorts
2 x Q&A shorts
1 x LoveraXMR tutorial
1 x Satoshilov guide
TikTok/Instagram news

To learn more about Lovera’s work, visit the LoveraTV4 & LoveraXMR5 video channels and the satishilov.com6 Monero blog.