3 Jun 2024 [services] [culture]

New Monero knowledge aggregator project 'LIBERECO' beta live

LIBERECO1 project (‘Freedom’, ‘Liberty’ in Esperanto2) has announced3 the beta launch of their new Monero knowledge aggregator website4:

Welcome to LIBERECO. We are now live (in beta). [..] There is a lot of knowledge out there, but if people don’t know where to look, they may never learn it. LIBERECO’s primary goal is to aggregate Monero knowledge and information from around the internet in one convenient place.

Features overview

-Dashboard > Network Stats, Price, News & Community feeds
-Resources > A collection of all kinds of Monero information and knowledge
-Blogo > a Blog

The project also plans to start hosting an XMR node and a blockchain explorer in the near term.

To support the project, you can transfer XMR to the address listed on the donation page5.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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