2 Sep 2021 [services]

KYCNOT.ME is back online with an improved interface and new intelligent features

KYC? Not me!1 is back online after being down for a few months. During that time pluja2, the project’s maintainer, has rewritten the website and added new funcitonality.

Browsing through the minimalist interface, you can find a curated list of non-KYC crypto services and exchanges that have their ToS auto-checked for for potential-KYC-enforcement words and each are given a score based on that evaluation.

The project is open source and the code has been migrated from Github to Codeberg3. The website doesn’t have any trackers or Javascript, being easily accessible through Tor.

If you wish to be listed on the website, there’s a Listing Request4 section in the README of the official repository that you can follow.

Since this is a self-funded project, community contributions5 are welcome. XMR accepted and the first choice, obviously!

  1. https://kycnot.me/ 

  2. https://codeberg.org/pluja 

  3. https://codeberg.org/pluja/kycnot.me/ 

  4. https://codeberg.org/pluja/kycnot.me/src/branch/main/README.md#listing-request 

  5. https://kycnot.me/about#support