17 Apr 2022 | Updated 18 Apr 2022 [bounties]

kopipe proposes $3,099 bounty for Monero vanity address generator that uses OpenCL or CUDA

kopipe1 has proposed a $3,099 bounty2 for the creation of a Monero vanity address generator CLI app that uses either OpenCL or CUDA and is at least 4 times faster than the existing CPU-driven vanity-monero3 tool:

Monero vanity address generation can currently only be done via CPU. [..] the Modular Font Editor K Foundation, Incorporated, a New Jersey non-profit [..] is offering a bounty of $3,099 to be paid however the accepting user prefers for a Monero (XMR) vanity address program meeting these specs [..]


Note that the bounty will not be paid unless the software is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license and includes this copyright line:

Support for this software's development was paid for by Fredrick R. Brennan's Modular Font Editor K Foundation, Inc.

The bounty was also posted on Monero Bounties4, but it is unclear if the donation bot is fully operational again5.

To learn more about generating custom/vanity XMR addresses, consult the vanity-monero repository README6.

Update: bounty paid to sech17 for vanity_xmr_cuda8.

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