22 Feb 2022 [culture]

Kivojo starts publishing new weekly newsletter 'The Monero Standard'

Kivojo has started publishing The Monero Standard1, a new weekly newsletter that focuses on all things Monero:

It’s with great pleasure to introduce you the LocalMonero’s Monero Standard, a weekly newsletter focusing on Monero and its latest news about price and blockchain, development, community and all things Monero in general. I’m Kivojo, a freelancer who first got into cryptocurrencies in 2016 and mainly focused on localization of free (as in freedom) software projects.

You can read the first issue (30 Jan - 20 Feb 2022) on LocalMonero2.


Recent News
Price and Blockchain Statistics
Fun Facts
Notable Projects
CCS Ideas and Proposals
Meme of the Week
Study Time
Donation and Contact

To support this project and get in touch with the author, visit the Donation and Contact3 section at the bottom of the issue.

  1. https://localmonero.co/the-monero-standard 

  2. https://localmonero.co/the-monero-standard/weekly/1 

  3. https://localmonero.co/the-monero-standard/weekly/1#donate