8 Jul 2022 [events]

Justin Ehrenhofer asks Monero community to decide what to do with Defcon supplies before LV storage contract ends on July 31

Justin Ehrenhofer1 has asked2 the Monero community to make a rapid, sensible decision on what to do with the Defcon3 supplies for Monero / Cryptocurrency Village4 before the Las Vegas storage contract ends on July 31st:

[..] we need to make a rapid, sensible decision on what to do with supplies. There is no Monero Village or Cryptocurrency Village this year, and there likely will not be a village in future years.

Justin shared some possible options for the community to consider:

Supplies include 2 wireless mic receivers, an Xenyx 1202 FX behringer, an Epson projector, 2 32” TCL TVs, batteries, cables and badges. The complete list of supplies is available on Github2.

If you leave near Vegas and would like to help (Option 2), get in touch with Justin via email5, Signal6 or Matrix7.

  1. https://nitter.net/JEhrenhofer 

  2. https://github.com/monero-project/meta/issues/718  2

  3. https://defcon.org/ 

  4. https://cryptocurrencyvillage.net/ 

  5. info@magicgrants.org 

  6. 708-252-3261 

  7. @sgp_:monero.social