4 Nov 2021 | Updated 24 Dec 2021 [culture]

John Foss to revive Monero Moon newsletter in December

John Foss1 has announced2 the return of the Monero Moon3 newsletter mid December 2021:

I just thought I’d let everyone know that as I previously mentioned In a comment on r/xmrtrader here, the Monero Moon will be returning in mid December and I will complete my CCS.

Due to work, family, life etc I have had a busy few months and I’ve had to prioritise the most important things in my life (family) given how little spare time I’ve had.

The last newsletter (#24) was published in August and the author has to release at least 9 more issues in order to complete all 3 CCS milestones4.

Update: issue 25 was published today5.

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