30 Jul 2022 | Updated 6 Nov 2022 [CCS]

John Foss submits CCS proposal to fund the next 18 issues of 'The Monero Moon' newsletter: #53-#70

John Foss1 has submitted a CCS proposal2 to fund the next 18 issues of The Monero Moon3 newsletter (#53-#70):

I am proposing to publish The Monero Moon for 2 XMR per issue from 4th of August 2022 until approximately the 5th of January 2023, or whenever the CCS is complete.

Total funding: 36 XMR.

ETA: ~January 2022.


Note that a four week vacation break is scheduled after Issue #57: September - early October 2022. Publishing will resume with Issue #58 on the 6th of October 2022.

John has published a total of 52 newsletter issues (on Medium3 and Substack4) so far, since 2018. He has also previously written several Monero articles on Medium and published guides for Monero.how5.

To share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !3362.

Update 22/11/6: proposal closed6.

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  3. https://www.medium.com/themoneromoon  2

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