7 Apr 2024 [CCS] [dev]

jeffro256 posts March 2024 dev update

jeffro2561 has posted the first progress report (M1/March 2024)2 for their Monero dev work CCS proposal3:

This month I mainly worked on 1) making the Seraphis lib play better with the current consensus rules and 2) improving tx serialization. [..] This next month I plan on adding support for adding Seraphis txs to the mempool and storing in the database.

Work overview

Consult the previous Monero Observer report to learn more about jeffro256’s latest CCS proposal6.

  1. https://github.com/jeffro256 

  2. https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/ccs-proposals/-/merge_requests/436#note_23882 

  3. https://ccs.getmonero.org/proposals/jeffro256-full-time-2024Q2.html 

  4. https://github.com/monero-project/monero/pulls?q=is%3Apr+author%3Ajeffro256, https://github.com/UkoeHB/monero/pulls?q=is%3Apr+author%3Ajeffro256 

  5. https://github.com/jeffro256/monero/tree/monero_tx_variant 

  6. /jeffro256-submits-full-time-monero-dev-work-ccs-proposal-q2-2024/