4 Feb 2022 [dev]

Justin Berman posts 6th and final CCS progress report

Justin Berman1 has published the sixth and final progress report2 for his CCS proposal3:

Hours worked: 92+ (tracked until Jan 20)

Total hours worked: 537+4

Final update! The most significant things I worked on since last update were monero-lws subaddress support, the informal audit of monero-lws, and reviewing/providing feedback on JAMTIS (the next gen address scheme protocol).

CCS work

CCS conclusions

a) Improving the decoy selection algorithm

Unfortunately, or fortunately rather, not too much was born out of my efforts in this area over the course of the CCS.

b) monero-lws informal audit

My conclusion is that there are no obvious backdoors :)

A user who is running monerod + monero-lws on a machine only the user has access to does not leak any information about their Monero transactions to a 3rd party through normal usage.9

In its current state, the review is not complete.

c) Subaddresses in monero-lws

[..] it would likely make more sense to skip the simpler implementation, and go straight for the larger implementation. So I worked on and submitted this proposal10. I plan to work on this to completion in another CCS.

Read the full progress report2 and the major highlights9 to learn more about Justin’s contributions.

The dev is planning to submit a new CCS proposal very soon:

In summary, I very much so enjoyed working full-time on Monero these past few months, and I hope to submit a new CCS very soon. I have deep gratitude for being granted the opportunity to contribute to Monero in this capacity. I feel very lucky and want to keep going 110%.

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