1 May 2024 [CCS] [dev]

j-berman completes CCS proposal after 480 hours of Monero and Seraphis dev work

j-berman1 has published a third (and final) progress report2 for his full-time 2024 (part 6) Monero and Seraphis dev work CCS proposal3:

Update 3: 480 hours

Work overview

Async wallet scanner:
-Re-did benchmarks using one of @gingeropolous's machines for clearnet scanning.
-Implemented @koe's comments on the PR.

Full chain membership proofs:
-No code written since last update.
-Reviewed and provided feedback on @kayabaNerve's FCMP integration proposal.

Seraphis wallet lib:
-Proposed a plan to deprecate wallet2 and replace it with the Seraphis lib [..]
-Started working on a tool to import the Seraphis wallet lib enote store into a wallet2 instance

-Reviewed multiple PRs

Justin is planning to work on the FCMP++ integration in another CCS.

The full dev update is available on Github in !4262.