13 Oct 2021 [bounties]

Isabella proposes bounty for Odysee to support XMR tipping on their website

Isabella has proposed a bounty1 for Odysee to support XMR tipping on their website:

This is a bounty specifically intended for Odysee the commercial entity to support Monero tipping on their website.

This bounty will provide an additional financial incentive for Odysee to prioritize development of this feature.

Last month Odysee announced Bitcoin tipping support2 but the community overwhelmingly voted for Monero instead3.

The bounty will expire if Odysee does not add XMR tipping to their platform in the next 12 months:

“After one year of no shown progress the funds raised for *expired bounties will be transfered to the top 5 bounties on the site that have the most funding at that time.”

You can support this proposal by donating some XMR to this bounty1.