3 May 2022 [services]

How to list on Haveno DEX: terms and listing process

Haveno1 has invited2 the Monero community to suggest crypto and fiat assets to be paired with XMR on the platform:

What assets would you like to see supported on #Haveno?

Input from the community is welcome and highly kept in considered during the decision process. We invite to maintain high quality conversation and refrain from shilling/trolling. The latter would seriously impact the chances of listing the project proposed.

Each submission should go through 4 stages:

Haveno is currently set to launch with support for BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, USD, EUR and GBP, according to their FAQ3 page.

Proposed (open, to date)


ZEC (Zcash, shielded only)
DOT (Polkadot)
WOW (Wownero)
XHV (Haven)
XST (Stealth)
XEQ (Equilibria)



To read the full listing terms and process, refer to the repository README4 file. To propose a new asset, follow the Issue Template5.

To view and comment on currently proposed assets, visit the Issues6 section in haveno-dex/listing.

For a process overview, consult the Projects board on Github7.

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