21 Sep 2022 [services]

Haveno releases v0.0.2 test network

Haveno1 has released version 0.0.22 of its test network:

Follow the instructions, especially if you already tested v0.0.1, as there are some breaking changes.3

Changes overview



The full changelog is available on Github24.

Consult the installing.md5 file for instructions on how to run a local Haveno test network.

To interact with the community, join the #haveno6 room on Matrix.

Support the project by donating XMR7 and working on open bounties8.

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  2. https://github.com/haveno-dex/haveno/releases/tag/v0.0.2  2

  3. https://nitter.net/HavenoDEX/status/1572600083711131648#m 

  4. https://github.com/haveno-dex/haveno/compare/v0.0.1…v0.0.2 

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