17 Oct 2021 [bounties]

Haveno Tor v3 implementation $400 bounty open

There is a new $400 bounty for a Tor v3 implementation1 across the Haveno2 platform:

For this issue to be resolved, Tor v3 should be implemented across the platform, which should run without failures of any kind (related to the migration from Tor v2 to v3). Haveno on Tor v3 must run without issues on the 3 main operative systems (linux, mac, windows).

Anyone can participate and the bounty will be awarded to the first person who resolves this issue.

Before starting any work, a comment in #1231 is necessary, so the issue can be assigned to you.

Full conditions can be found in the bounties.md3 file.

  1. https://github.com/haveno-dex/haveno/issues/123  2

  2. https://github.com/haveno-dex/haveno 

  3. https://github.com/erciccione/haveno/blob/master/docs/bounties.md