18 Feb 2022 [services]

Haveno proposes new structure based on CCS-like system called 'Engine'

The Haveno1 team has proposed2 a new structure based on Engine, a system that should be similar to Monero’s CCS:

The idea is to send 100% of the fees paid by users on Haveno to a CCS system, that from now on we will call Engine. Engine will work very similarly to the CCS managed by the Monero Core Team (MCT). The difference is that the funds will be provided by the fees generated by Haveno, instead of generous donors.

This proposal is based on feedback gathered from the recently closed Haveno UI CCS proposal3 and according to the public announcement4, Haveno will become more decentralized and a key contributor to Monero development.

Unlike Monero core team’s strong anti-gatekeeper mentality when it comes to CCS proposals, Haveno’s core team would adopt an opposite approach towards their system:

It’s important to note that the HCT is very different from the MCT. The MCT adopts a hands-off approach, while we do the opposite. The HCT leads and is deeply involved in Haveno development and community growth/management.

If the proposed system does not find enough support in the Monero community, the Haveno team would be open to using the existing CCS system, managed by the Monero core team:

An alternative to Engine would be to rely on the MCT. Instead of creating a dedicated system, we could rely on the existent CCS, managed by the Monero Core team. This would centralize things on the MCT, but could make people more comfortable, since they are a trusted entity that stewards the Monero project. We are already in talk with the core team to see what they think about the two options.

To learn more about Haveno’s improved structure proposal, read the blog post2 and submit your comments on Reddit5.

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