18 Aug 2022 [services]

Haveno launches v0.0.1 test network

Haveno1 has announced2 the launch of its test network (v0.0.1)3:

We are happy to announce that it’s now possible to run Haveno and test XMR/crypto and XMR/fiat trades with other users in the network by using Monero’s stagenet and the legacy user interface.

Users can test trades with various fiat currencies and BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC.

Note that the platform is currently not ready for being used with real money/accounts4.

To interact with the community, join the #haveno5 room on Matrix.

Consult the installing.md6 file for more details on how to get started with Haveno.

  1. https://haveno.exchange 

  2. https://haveno.exchange/blog/test-network-launched/ 

  3. https://github.com/haveno-dex/haveno/releases/tag/v0.0.1 

  4. https://nitter.net/HavenoDEX/status/1560198733001883650#m 

  5. https://matrix.to/#/#haveno:haveno.network 

  6. https://github.com/haveno-dex/haveno/blob/master/docs/installing.md