4 Apr 2022 | Updated 3 Nov 2023 [CCS]

Haveno front-end CCS proposal fully funded

Haveno1’s CCS proposal2 for front-end development is now fully funded:

181 contributors raised ~760 XMR (100%+)

To learn more about the proposal, consult my previous reports34.

CCS view-only wallet info

Main address: 43H2k6iDgyfNo4HzgQKF8ABALWGpRz9Ez6uexXLGFyuC32SevoaGUiKWbebSkqy5EzdkviwJ4NQwDHkxVxHceUtLBzBjoTV
View-Key: 645936bdbb2e13830f587351b73b226c7c107ff94e5db0e0dd19c661cd657b0a

The transaction history shows two big 500 XMR and 100 XMR transactions which represent almost 80% of the total funding goal.

Update 22/4/6: added CSS view-only wallet info for added transparency (thanks to Core and plowsof5).

Update 23/11/3: the CCS main wallet address listed in this report should be considered compromised (do not send any funds to it)6.