1 Jun 2022 | Updated 5 Oct 2022 [CCS]

HackerIndustrial submits CCS proposal to build 'MoneroSigner'

HackerIndustrial1 has submitted a CCS proposal2 to build MoneroSigner, a Monero centric version of seedsigner3:

The Monero community could benefit from a fork of seedsigner to supports Monero. [..] I am forking the codebase and removing the bitcoin components and replacing them with Monero/Privacy specific features. [..] Monerosigner is an offline signing hardware wallet built around the raspberry pi zero SBC.

Total funding: 55.38 XMR.



- M1: Monerosigner Alpha Release (24 XMR) - M2: Monerosigner Companion Application (6 XMR) - M3: Monerosigner DIY scripts and documentation (5 XMR)

HackerIndustrial is the creator of the Monero Light Up Circuit Board4 Christmas ornament.

To share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !3232.

Update 22/9/24: proposal (milestones, price, details) updated; proposal was moved to funding stage5.

Update 22/10/5: fully funded6.

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