2 Nov 2021 | Updated 3 Nov 2021 [culture] [editorials]

Guns N' Bitcoin hosts cringe Monero v BTC Twitter Spaces meeting

Guns N’ Bitcoin1 has hosted a rather cringe Twitter Spaces meeting in which Monero and BTC enthusiasts have attempted to discuss the pros and cons of each project, DNMs, privacy, adoption, fungibility and decentralization.

Rottenwheel2, Douglas Tuman3, Justin Ehrenhofer4, geonic5 and others have joined the event to support Monero.

Unfortunately, an obvious lack of technical knowledge displayed by Bitcoin maximalists only helped contribute to frequent awkward pauses and not to the quality of the discussion.

The session has been livestreamed and recorded6 by Monero Talk7.

This was scheduled shortly after Guns N’ Bitcoin started accepting XMR on their website and confirmed8 that Seth9 will hold a presentation on Monero at the upcoming Bear Arms N’ Bitcoin 2022 Miami event10.

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