17 Jun 2022 [services]

Ghostnet announces new Monero-focused P2P platform

Ghostnet1 has announced2 their new grassroots P2P crypto marketplace3 platform with a special focus on privacy and Monero:

You can sell through us like Amazon, or publish your own direct classifieds entry, 100% free to list.

The platform lists a wide range of services on their website, including De-Googled Phones, cryptocurrency consulting, classifieds4 and an Encrypted Bulletin Board5.

Ghostnet currently charges a 5% fee per market sale and $10+ for hosting encrypted files and broadcasted text.

Monero payments are processed via NOWPayments6 and the website is accessible on Tor, but the UX is currently subpar.

Note that this is a new service with no established reputation. Proceed with caution and DYOR.

  1. https://ghostnet.id/ 

  2. https://libredd.it/ve0tyq/ 

  3. https://ghostnet.id/market/ 

  4. https://ghostnet.id/classifieds/ 

  5. https://ghostnet.id/broadcast/ 

  6. https://nowpayments.io/