19 Sep 2021 [culture]

Community evaluates Getmonero.org redesign concept

Hammermann091 has been working on a redesign concept2 for Monero’s website Getmonero.org3:

[..] the basic idea is that Monero’s website looks aged and doesn’t provide a very pleasant experience for visitors and users.

For more details, the community can inspect the included Figma file4.

While the overall feedback has been positive, the community has outlined several potential problems regarding the proposal:

Exactly how a full redesign like this would impact the Monero community, the larger crypto world’s views of us and XMR’s core cypherpunk values is unknown.

If you have feedback, post a comment in the Reddit thread5.

  1. https://libredd.it/user/Hammermann09 

  2. https://preview.redd.it/i05sbguatgo71.png?width=3258&format=png&auto=webp&s=c820d13ef4b735d0039354bd2a41d8e974db6d98 

  3. https://getmonero.org, http://monerotoruzizulg5ttgat2emf4d6fbmiea25detrmmy7erypseyteyd.onion/index.html (onion) 

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