21 Jul 2022 [dev]

garth-xmr proposes moving Monero versioning to 1.0

garth-xmr1 has proposed2 moving versioning for the Monero software to 1.0, arguing that [zero versioning] is less applicable for a somewhat mature project like Monero:

I would like to invite feedback toward using the next major software release (eg: v0.19, and likely to be Seraphis) as an opportunity to move away from the v0 versioning that has served the project well from its humble beginnings, but is no longer as helpful these eight years later.

hyc3 agreed and added4 that the community could also take advantage of this opportunity to rename .bitmonero to .monero, since all wallets need to be recreated and that is definitely a major enough change.

fluffypony5 suggested6 creating a list of v1.0 deliverables before switching to Semantic Versioning7.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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