17 Nov 2021 [services]

freshlysquosed asks community to roast IAcceptMonero project

freshlysquosed1 is asking2 the Monero community to roast his IAcceptMonero3 project:

think a non-custodial monero version of craigslist, fiver, etsy, gofundme, gumroad in one. basically creating a hub for people who/to accept monero in different ways for different things.

i’m at the point where i need to know if there’s something stupid in the foundations of this i’m not seeing before i continue.

The platform requires both the public key and the view key in order to accept XMR. Users can create listings for both physical and digital items.

Note that this is a demo and it is only meant to be used for testing purposes at this point:

it works for other users too and seems to scale fine, but i dont want to have to deal with people actually using it yet.

  1. https://libredd.it/user/freshlysquosed 

  2. https://libreddit.de/r/Monero/comments/qvv8ju 

  3. https://iacceptmonero.com/