21 Apr 2023 [bounties] [wallets]

Foundation Devices engineer proposes bounties for adding Monero support to Passport hardware wallet fork

Matt (mjg-foundation1), a firmware engineer working at Foundation Devices2, has proposed several bounties3 for adding Monero support to an unofficial fork4 of the Passport5 BTC hardware wallet:

I went ahead and set up a fork of @FOUNDATIONdvcs, with some initial issues and bounties [..] I don’t intend to work very directly on this myself, but to facilitate devs who are more familiar with monero.67

Bounties overview

- Monero Icons (0.2 XMR)
- Mobile Wallet with Airgapped Signing (2 XMR)
- Create Monero Seeds (4 XMR)
- Verify Addresses (1.5 XMR)
- Sign Monero Transactions (4 XMR)
- Multisig Support (1 XMR)

donttracemebruh8 has already boosted some of the bounties, and Foundation’s Head of Content Sethforprivacy was also interested9 in pledging some XMR.

The Monero community is currently discussing this story on r/monero10 and in #monero-community11.

Note that the Monero firmware is not officially associated, endorsed, tested, or approved by Foundation Devices.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

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