20 Aug 2022 | Updated 21 Aug 2022 [services]

ForgotSudo shares sneak peak of Monero USB flash drive

ForgotSudo1 has shared2 a sneak peak of a Monero USB flash drive that could be released before the end of the year:

I am currently designing and will be producing an assortment of electronics catered toward the Monero community. The picture is a sneak peek of the USB flash drive in the works.

Costs will be around $7-$10 per USB and the money would be used to fund Merkato, the Onionr3 decentralized marketplace.

This is only one of many to come PCBs (printed circuit boards)4 that ForgotSudo plans on designing, prototyping and producing for the Monero community.

A CCS proposal for this project should be submitted soon.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

Update: CCS proposal was submitted5.

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