29 Apr 2024 | Updated 2 May 2024 [wallets]

Feather Wallet v2.6.6 released with critical bug fix

tobtoht1 has released Feather Wallet2 version 2.6.634 with a fix for a critical bug that prevented any transactions from being constructed:

This is an emergency release to fix “Internal Error: Unrealistic number of outputs in output distribution” [..] The number of outputs on the blockchain exceeds a safety limit present in version 2.6.5 and below that was meant to mitigate output distribution poisoning. This caused a sanity check to fail during transaction construction. A large number of outputs were added last month in a spam attack.

The complete list of changes and a post-mortem will be posted soon.

A GPG-signed list of the hashes5 is available on the official website and the release signing key can be downloaded from multiple locations6.

Feather is 100% community-sponsored and you can support development efforts by transferring any XMR amount to the project’s donation address7 or by accessing Help → Donate to Feather in the wallet.

Update 22/4/30: v2.6.7 released with a fix for startup issues on some Linux distributions8.

Update 22/5/2: thorough incident report for the 28 April 2024 Denial-of-Service available on changelog page9.