14 Mar 2024 [wallets]

Feather Wallet v2.6.5 updates to Monero v0.18.3.3

tobtoht1 has released Feather Wallet2 version 2.6.534 with various fixes and improvements.

It is worth noting that this release also updates Monero to the upcoming point release.

Changes overview

fixed an issue that could prevent Feather from closing
wizard: allow restoring legacy seeds that miss the checksum word
history: added an option to remove failed transactions
send: improve the help text for certain rpc errors
coins: fix automatic fee adjustment for selected transfers 
updated Monero to v0.18.3.3 [..]

The complete list of changes can be found on the Changelog6 page and on Github7.

A GPG-signed list of the hashes8 is available on the official website and the release signing key can be downloaded from multiple locations9.

Feather is 100% community-sponsored and you can support development efforts by transferring any XMR amount to the project’s donation address10 or by accessing Help → Donate to Feather in the wallet.