28 Feb 2024 [wallets]

Feather Wallet v2.6.3 released with Tails detection fix

tobtoht1 has released Feather Wallet2 version 2.6.334 with a fix for Tails detection and various other fixes and improvements:

This release fixes Tails detection. Previous releases may be unable to connect to nodes and default to saving wallet files outside the persistent storage on Tails 6.0 or higher.

Changes overview

send: allow pasting monero: uris in the pay to field
settings: allow configuring block explorer urls
statusbar: add wallet height tooltip
history: sort by blockheight for date ordering
history: fix values of copied amounts
tray: don’t notify when wallet is locked
coin control: don’t allow selecting unspendable coins
set focus to password entry when shown
about: add website .onion address
the reddit plugin was removed [..]

The complete list of changes can be found on the Changelog5 page and on Github6.

A GPG-signed list of the hashes7 is available on the official website and the release signing key can be downloaded from multiple locations8.

Feather is 100% community-sponsored and you can support development efforts by transferring any XMR amount to the project’s donation address9 or by accessing Help → Donate to Feather in the wallet.

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