23 Sep 2021 [wallets]

Beta-9 is the last Feather wallet release before 1.0.0

The newest Feather1 wallet release, Beta-92, has been available on the website for a few days now.

Some users have been patiently waiting for tobtoht3, the the lead dev, to confirm the update by adding the Beta-9 tag on Feather’s Gitea repository4, before using this new version.

MoneroArbo5 commented:

Release seems signed by the correct key but there’s no beta-9 tag on github, the auto updater isn’t notifying me, and updates are normally posted here by /u/tobtoht

Seems weird. I’m gonna wait.

Feather will go out of Beta with the next release, according to tobtoht:

This is the last Beta release before

This release has been available from the website and via the auto updater on AppImage builds for a few days, my apologies for the delayed announcement.

It is recommended to update to Beta-9, as it uses the latest Monero v0.17.2.3 which fixes the decoy selection bug7.

A GPG-signed list of the hashes8 can be found on the website. The signing key9 is in the Git repo.

Don’t trust. Verify.

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