1 Feb 2022 | Updated 30 Jun 2022 [wallets]

Exodus Wallet to support Monero on the Trezor by end of June 2022

Exodus Wallet1 is planning2 to add support for Monero on the Trezor3 by the end of June 2022:

I’m pleased to share we’re going to support Monero on the Trezor!

Development will start in March. We plan on shipping support by the end of June 2022.

Exodus can function as a Trezor bridge4 and both Trezor One5 & Model T6 should work with the wallet:

Exodus also functions as a Trezor bridge, but that doesn’t support all of the assets that Exodus itself does. Monero was requested for Trezor support pretty publicly, so we’ve added it to our roadmap.7

Note that Exodus is not open source8 and Trezor has been under fire recently9.

Update 22/6/30: support added10.

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