12 Aug 2022 | Updated 26 Aug 2022 [wallets]

Exodus Wallet will not be ready for Monero v15 network upgrade

Exodus Wallet1 is not dropping support for Monero, but their software is not going to have the hard fork supported in time, according to staff member CryptoEngineerObrien2:

To clarify something: we are not dropping support for XMR. We’re just not going to have the hard fork supported in time for it. Our devs are working on it, though.3

XMR buying, selling and trading will be resumed, but no ETA was provided:

I don’t have an ETA yet. However, it will require a client-side update, which happens on Thursdays/Fridays.4

XMR transactions will not appear in the immediate post-hardfork period, according to MRL’s Rucknium5.

Note that Exodus Wallet is not open source6.

Update: Exodus Wallet for desktop is ready with the new version 22.8.267.

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