31 Oct 2021 [services]

Erciccione echoes community complaints over Monero Matrix-IRC bridge stability

Monero and Haveno contributor Erciccione1 has echoed2 long-standing community complaints over Monero Matrix-IRC(Libera) bridge stability:

There are problems with the matrix server or the IRC bridge. Users have been reporting quite some time that some of their messages are not relayed to IRC (or the other way around).

Nobody has done anything yet, but the complaints are almost daily.

Monero Community Workgroups3 Matrix rooms are currently set to use the IRC bridge owned by Matrix.org4.

When working as expected, this should pass all IRC messages through Matrix, and all Matrix messages through IRC.

According to sanecito5, Matrix Support needs to fix this on their end, although they failed to act in the past:

[..] the #monero issue of no bridge is due to the arbitrary 100+ person exception request Matrix Support requires which pigeons has followed up on multiple times.

[..] maybe this time Matrix Support will act.6

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