6 Jul 2024 [bounties]

Eneez proposes bounty for XMR P2P Telegram bot

Eneez1 has proposed a bounty2 for the creation of a reliable Telegram3 bot that can facilitate peer-to-peer fiat to XMR exchanges without KYC:

Currently, Monero faces a significant challenge due to the limited availability of P2P platforms for exchanging fiat currency into XMR. People have to buy BTC and exchange it for XMR and this scares a lot of people away from Monero.

Total Bounty: 0 XMR (to date)

Anyone can increase the bounty by transferring any XMR amount to the address posted by the Monero Bounties Bot.

To start working on the project yourself, you should make your intentions public by posting a comment in the bounty’s thread2.

This is an ongoing story and the report will be updated when new information is available.

  1. [TBD] 

  2. https://bounties.monero.social/posts/142  2

  3. https://telegram.org/