26 Oct 2021 | Updated 1 Nov 2021 [guides]

Elijah Lopez publishes 'Why Monero is the best cryptocurrency' essay

Monero fan Elijah Lopez1 has published an essay entitled Why Monero is the best cryptocurrency2:

This article is meant to be the definitive guide on why Monero is the king of all cryptos when it comes to fulfilling the role of money or real currency.

The intended target audiences are open-minded readers interested in cryptocurrency, and fellow Monero users who continuously answer questions such as “why does Monero (not) do X?.”

His composition has attracted all kinds of attention on both cc3 and monero4 subreddits:

It is best in boating accident, joke aside I think every crypto hodlers must have some XMR in their portfolio

Monero does all the time what its supposed to do. Nothing.

XMR is a true representation of what crypto should be like. It will forever be held by all crypto enthusiasts alike

The article fails to address the real hard fundamental question: Is the undeniable privacy/fungibility advantage of Monero big enough to overcome Bitcoin and/or Ethereum’s network effects?

It’s not about the money, and price its about having the freedom!

PoW is bad for the environment.

Elijah is the author of the most popular Firefox theme/add-on5 Matte Black6 with over 73K users and an average rating of 4.8 stars.

Other projects, skills and an XMR donation address can be found on his website7.

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