29 Nov 2021 | Updated 1 Jul 2022 [mining]

DutchKevv's NodeJS Monero miner 'EazyMiner' ready for feedback

DutchKevv1’s NodeJS Monero miner EazyMiner23 is ready for community feedback:

Please let me know if anything doesn’t work for you, cause I need the feedback.

According to the dev, the miner uses XMRig4 and is very easy to use on both Linux and Windows:

You can give a pool URL and NodeJS fires up XMRIG (C++) and optionally sets up a small web interface to check real-time stats.

Benefit of this package is the ease of use. [..] give your wallet and pool URL and the machines starts mining.

More features and config options will be implemented soon, but the projects needs input from the Monero community. If you have already used the tool, share your feedback in the announcement thread5.

Update 22/7/1: software linked to en masse attacks by malicious package which shares code with eazyminer6.

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  2. https://github.com/DutchKevv/Overhead2Crypto 

  3. https://www.npmjs.com/package/eazyminer 

  4. https://xmrig.com 

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