1 Apr 2022 [bounties]

Douglas Tuman offering $1K in XMR for Gratuitas.org website redesign

Douglas Tuman1 is offering $1K in XMR Gratuitas.org2 website redesign, according to sustainthyself3:

Hello peeps! Neil here, I’ve been helping Doug and Sunita relaunch Gratuitas (gratuitas.org). [..] If you are interested in helping get this done, Doug is offering 1k in XMR. Trying to get this done by Tuesday!4

Work should include designing the layout of the site using Wordpress, the Woocommerce plugin with Monero Gateway5 and Nowpayments6 and 5-6 pages containing text, pictures and videos.

Interested parties can schedule a voice call via email7.

  1. https://nitter.net/DouglasTuman 

  2. https://gratuitas.org/ 

  3. https://libredd.it/user/sustainthyself 

  4. https://libredd.it/ttg75q/ 

  5. https://github.com/monero-integrations/monerowp 

  6. https://nowpayments.io/ 

  7. contact@gratuitas.org